Bonnie Combs NEVER learns!

April 05, 2014

  • Bonnie was, in fact, sitting on her computer throughout all of Friday night refreshing our friend's tumblr page and publishing lies to her hate blog.
  • Pretty sure most people access twitter via cell phone which means that person could be anywhere in the world laughing at your bullshit Bonnie.
  • Your "minions" meaning your many personalities because we know you have no one on your side. Hell, the few people that were on your side have since moved over to ours and visit our blog daily to laugh at your dumb ass! Sad Bonnie is sad because she's forever alone.
  • Butthurt Bonnie is totez scurred because the popo are coming after her child molesting ass.
  • Bonnie is totez jealous that Krystal has a career and can afford to buy a house - whereas Bonnie has to pretend to have a job and still lives with her mommy in a mold-infested crack house in the incest capital of Oklahoma.
  • "Tweets that no one would read" - Says the person who read the tweet and took a screenshot of it. Stalk an innocent person harder, lulzypants. We ain't going nowhere!
  • "Chloe" meaning Bonnie saved up her allowance to buy an ugly ass teddy bear. What kind of 33 year old still expects an allowance from their parents anyway? And what kind of 33 year old pretends to have children and buys herself stuffed animals? What a pathetic loser!

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