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April 08, 2014

  • I don't think any makeup company manufactures a foundation heavy duty enough to hide all of Bonnie's flaws.
  • Pics or it didn't happen. And not stolen pics, like all the others of "your" makeup collection. Lulser!
  • "My skin has gotten progressively worse from cancer treatments." Hmmm... You might have to actually have cancer for that to happen. What kind of sick fuck pretends to have cancer for attention on the internet? Hey Tulsa friends, feel free to visit 2337 w 47th street and teach Bonnie a much needed lesson.
  • Bonnie, your skin looks like shit because you're a fat whale. It's that simple.
  • More incestual nonsense about "Dennis" who is actually Clinton Combs, Bonnie's father. Bonnie Combs has been sleeping with her father and brother since she was eight years old. Classic Tulsa family! No class.
  • What a sad life Bonnie leads to have to create so many silly lies on the internet for attention and she even fails at that because nobody cares about her or her many alter-ego's!
  • "Dennis" aka Clinton turned 71 years old. "Zinnia" doesn't actually exist. Zinnia is actually Dylan, Misty Combs' four year old son. Poor, pitiful Bonnie. Stealing photos of her cousin's child to claim as her own. You can read Misty's life updates about Dylan, or "Zinnia" here. (And yes. Misty is aware of Bonnie impersonating her and claiming her children as her own and Misty is looking into charging Bonnie.)
  • Bonnie doesn't have a new website, nor does she have any photos of herself, her fictitious father or non-existent children. The only photos that Butthurt Bonnie has ever posted of herself on the internet is the hilarious photo that you see on this blog.

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