Self Exposure and Mega Lulz

April 05, 2014

We couldn't help but notice this post on Bonnie's tumblr of lies that she posted not too long ago in yet another failed attempt to make Krystal look bad. First things first, Krystal doesn't run the twitter page or this blog. What's more important? Bonnie literally just exposed herself! How did she do this? Well, Bonnie posted that "Krystal made a twitter account to impersonate her" but the only twitter accounts in existence are about a woman named Bonnie Combs, not Chretienne Ouelette/Christine Armstrong/Jamie Vaughn.

Basically, Bonnie Combs is totez stupid and just showed the world her true identity. Chretienne Ouelette is Bonnie Combs. Not that we didn't already know that. The Tulsa police confirmed it months ago! .P.S. Bonnie, we know Lance and Michelle don't exist and we know you weren't bowling. A woman who knew you as a child has been keeping tabs on you in Tulsa and guess what? Just as suspected, you never leave your parent's house at 2337 w 47th street. Lulz!

Next up, Bonnie posted this photo of her dog to her tumblr of lies last week. However, two weeks ago Bonnie claimed this dog passed away. Which one is it? Bonnie Combs is the biggest liar in the entire world.

What's even funnier? Bonnie is accusing her neighbours of killing her dog. Because I'm sure if this dog actually died, Bonnie and her little shack of horrors isn't responsible for the death. Right? *Rolls eyes into eternity* But such is the life of Bonnie Combs and Co. They're white trash, inbred losers who are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. That's why they live off of foodstamps in a 50k trailer that smells of 10-year old sweat and should have been torn down in the 20 years ago.

What's next? Bonnie's lulzy biography full of lies as posted at Bonnie actually fancies herself a photographer! And an "urban photographer" no less! We're sorry Bonnie but taking photos of your mold-ridden bedroom and dirty insulin needles does not count as photography. And the "Le Click" camera was one of the biggest pieces of junk known to man. The Kodak Easy Share is best suited for a hree year old and a Blackberry cell phone? Wow. You can't even afford a decent phone? You're a joke. And yes, you are ugly and fat and stupid and untalented. You know it. We know it. Please refrain from posting more stolen photos of people and photography to your 100+ domain names. I'm not sure the public could handle the hilarity.

Next on the docket: Bonnie Combs is too poor to afford real MAC make-up. (This makes sense considering Bonnie has never had a job and steals her mother's credit card to purchase cheap knock off's from ebay.) What else? Bonnie Combs is too fat and lazy to get off her cellulite-ridden ass and go to the mall to buy makeup in person. Lulz!

Next: Bonnie Combs' blog of lies at Comatised was suspended for posting child pornography and Bonnie is so fat and unloved that she has to buy herself easter presents and claim they're for her fictitious daughter "Chloe" LOL!

LOL... Burn!

Lastly, a person from Tulsa who wishes to remain anonymous forwarded us some photos of Bonnie and her mother Patricia shopping at Wal Mart and they are lulzerific!

More lulzy content to come!

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