April 29, 2014

We haven't updated because frankly updating here has become a bore. It's the same shit, different day. Bonnie Combs never changes and she never learns. We can't be bothered to post every day about how Bonnie Combs, the HIV positive Tulsa child rapist, is still pretending to be someone she's not and is still using stolen personal photos, stolen coding, stolen photography and so on. We see no point in posting every day to say that Bonnie Combs is still defaming amazing people because she's jealous of them and desperately wishes she could be them.

Why would we? What would be the point? It's nothing you wouldn't expect. We've all come to realize that Bonnie Combs, aka Chretienne Ouelette, Jamie Vaughn, Crystal Larson, Pixie Maguire, "My Name is Nicole", Christine/Christina Armstrong, Michael Cohen "TGO/The Great One", of 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a delusional psychopath with no life, no friends, no loved ones, no interests, no hobbies, no intellect and no talent. We've all come to expect Bonnie to continuously check-in at Oklahoma State University - Centre for Health Sciences and pretend to work there, despite having never set foot in the building or in an educational facility for anything higher than grade six.

We've all come to expect Bonnie to post stolen photos of gorgeous women that she wishes she could be, while simultaneously downloading child pornography, mailing bottles of cat urine to beautiful and successful young women, kill her family pets, physically abuse her disabled and elderly mother, and post defamatory bullshit out of envy about several incredible young women who are going places in their life (something Bonnie Combs will never do and that is why she leads a fake life on the internet.)

We've all come to expect Bonnie Combs to defame Megan Lewis, Katy McGreevey, Krystal Draper, Renee Stage and many other beautiful women out of envy. It's nothing that will change at the moment, and in all likelihood not for nearly a year considering how long legal action takes. 2015 will come and Bonnie will lose her precious dial-up internet and 1996 crappy dell desktop computer and be thrown in a jail cell, where she belongs.

In the meantime? We'll still post here, but only when there's something lulz-worthy worth mentioning. Bonnie being a liar, a fat ass and a jealous psycho is nothing new and it's not very funny anymore. It's pathetic and beyond mind-boggling to those of us who are sane and educated with families, friends, careers and lives.

That's all for now.

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