Laura Michelle Smith - Threats and Harassment

May 21, 2014

Cross posted from Krystal's blog here.

In this entry you will find information, screenshots and other evidence about a woman named Laura Michelle Smith who spent several months viciously attacking, stalking, threatening and harassing me, my boyfriend, my friends and my family.

This issue began on November 3rd, 2013 and continued until March 4th, 2014 when Laura was contacted by the Hamilton, Ontario Police Department regarding her constant posting of libelous statements, threatening comments, harassment and general denigration of people online. The Hamilton Police Department warned Laura that her unfounded libelous statements and fake twitter accounts used to harass and defame people and their businesses are grounds for an investigation for criminal harassment, if not a class action lawsuit.

Laura created several mock websites, facebook accounts and twitter profiles in my name. Including @TheKDCompendium despite the police telling her to remove it's content. She used this twitter account to follow people from my hometown and my boyfriend's hometown, as well as my close friends and relatives, and harass them with libelous statements and untrue information.

Update: I reported Laura to the Hamilton Police Department in March of 2014 and she was told to leave me alone or face charges for criminal harassment. Laura did back off for about a month and I thought she had finally learned her lesson about bullying people online out of boredom and envy.

Unfortunately it seems that Laura did not learn her lesson, because she started talking trash about me again in the middle of April of 2014. This was completely unprovoked. I had been ignoring her, because she's not worth my time, and she chose to attack my apparent "mediocre lifestyle", despite her being unmarried, unemployed and uneducated mother, thus having no right to judge the lifestyles of others, especially when they lead a much better and classier lifestyle. But I digress.

Intelligence clearly isn't Laura's strong point. And insecurity and boredom clearly hasn't taken her very far in life and because of her insecurity, I have once again reported her to the police. Because Laura chose to attack me out of nowhere once again, I will keep this post up indefinitely and it will never be removed.

Update: As of July 31st, 2014 Laura Smith is still harassing, defaming and impersonating myself, and many other people, on the internet.

From Laura's personal twitter account @DangerousFrank:

From Laura's bully twitter accounts @KayBright0n, @TheKDCompendium, @ContradictMeKay, @SomeAwfulBitch, @_KrystleMeth_ (All suspended now due to obvious illegal activity):

Laura's Victims Exposing Her as a Fraud, a Thief, and a Liar:

Update: As of August 17th, 2014 Laura Smith is still creating impersonation accounts in my name on the internet to defame me with. Such as this one that she created on fuckbook using my full information and address in hopes that people will come to my home and hurt me.

Update: As of August 7th, 2014 Laura Smith is still defaming me and my business on the internet.

Every time that Laura is reprimanded for her abusive behaviour, she uses the fact that she's a mother as if that somehow excuses her behaviour. The police have made it clear that Laura can lose custody of her child if she continues to harass people online.

Update: As of August 2014 Laura Smith is using a fake facebook account under the alias of "Brianne Austin" in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to stalk and harass people I know. This is a huge file. Click to enlarge.

Update: As of August 19th, 2014 Laura Michelle Smith is still stalking my twitter acccount and other social media accounts. To be honest, none of my tweets have been directed at Laura. She assumes my tweets are about her because she has a guilty conscience. I have gone out of my way to ignore her and yet she still visits my profiles on a daily basis.

"Chretienne Ouelette" is actually Bonnie Combs, a 34 year old woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has spent the past 14 years harassing and impersonating people on the internet so it comes as no surprise that Laura would befriend her.

Update: As of August 24th, Laura has took to defaming me and my fiance on facebook and threatening to harass people who may know my fiance. I'm not sure what set her off this time. It seems that she has ignorantly assumed I've contacted people about her but I have done no such thing. These screenshots have been forwarded to the Hamilton Police Department as well.

Laura shared her post on her fake facebook account "Brianne Austin" that she has used to harass my friends and family in the past.

Laura's many fake twitter accounts:



  • DangerousFrank
  • The Granola Mom / The Granola Mom Diary
  • Canada Cloth Diaper Clinic
  • Canadian Cloth Diaper Clinic
  • F.R.A.Hero
  • SeaminglySew
  • ThrowingThreads
  • LifeOfABean
  • Cobblestone Cloth
  • Cobblestone and Cloth
  • Cobblestone & Cloth

  • Business Names:

  • Cobblestone Cloth
  • Cobblestone and Cloth
  • Cobblestone & Cloth
  • ThrowingThreads
  • Canada Cloth Diaper Clinic
  • SeaminglySew
  • Canadian Cloth Diaper Clinic
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