Bonnie Combs is one butthurt (and jealous) loser!

June 10, 2014

Rumour has it that while most people were starting to celebrate their summer vacations, Bonnie Combs made over 3,000 Twitter accounts to harass and defame a woman named Krystal. Krystal has an amazing sense of humour, better than anything Bonnie Combs could ever hope for, and Bonnie went on a mission to ruin this woman who did nothing more than defend her friends while Bonnie was writing lies about them online. I encourage all our readers to read and follow this twitter: and

It's funny, it shows the deleted tweets that Bonnie can't seem to stand behind longer than a few seconds, and it's written by a brilliant woman from Tulsa. Proof that not all people from Tulsa are horse screwing, hairy, substance abusers who get online and abuse other people like Bonnie Combs. Kudos.

The twitter account recently published a photo rubbing Krystal's vacation in Bonnie's fat, ugly face. Bonnie has been claiming Krystal's vacation was a lie (out of envy of course) despite photos and ip evidence proving otherwise. We somehow doubt these pictures are edited but we're sure Butthurt Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa child molester, will find a way around it! Such is the life of a delusional inbred retard.

Caption: "Put this together for Butthurt Bonnie or "Pixie Maguire" as she likes to go by on the internet aka her only friend. Krys may be decent at photoshop but nobody can edit pics this well. Source: Stay jealous cause you'll never leave your Momma's trailer."

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Until next time, my friends!

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