June 16, 2014

This just in: Bonnie Combs - aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Christine Armstrong aka Jamie Vaughn aka Christina aka Pixie Maguire aka Crystal Larson aka one thousand other made-up aliases with bogus back stories that lack any substantial proof - is such a retard that she can't even keep up with her own lies! (That's no surprise though.. right? The Tulsa inbred hickness of the Combs/Webb family duo runs thick in her mc'nugget ridden veins!)

Bonnie recently posted a screenshot of Krystal's (the woman Bonnie is so ferociously jealous of to the point where she's become embarrassingly sloppy in her envious cyberstalking work and neglects to edit her screenshots properly) IP address and posted about how Krystal visited Daily Krystal.

That's all fine and dandy, right? Wrong!

Directly above Krystal's IP address was a recent visit to "Chretienne Ouelette's" most recent lie blog post about her "dead dog" (the dog is not dead, as told to us by her own neighbour, but Bonnie will continue to pimp out her latest lie - in the soap opera that is her pitiful, fictitious online life - for attention because that is her only hobby (too bad she isn't even good at that... It must be tough sucking at everything so hard. It's no wonder Bonnie is so enraged in her jealous of hot babes like Krystal, Misty, Katy and Renee.)

More examples of Bonnie's lies? There's so many! The fake job at OSU, all of her friends and family dying from suicides or overdoses, a handful of fake aliases, heroin addiction, fake cancer, fake children (her cousins children too... how sad!), fake husband, and so on and so forth.

What a fucking loser!

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