Batshit Bonnie Combs

July 26, 2014

It's SO fun watching Batshit Bonnie Combs expose herself time and time again on her many, many, many, MANY (seriously there's just so many of them... Further proof that Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is an uneducated, unemployed loser with entirely too much time on her flabby, useless hands) hateblogs.

Bonnie is now going by the alias "Reporter" on - Yet another website that she created out of envy about a woman who is infinitely more beautiful, witty, intelligent and successful than she could ever hope to be. (That is why Bonnie creates these blogs full of lies, after all.)

We'll let the screenshots do most of the talking.


It must be hard for you Bonnie, being so infamous and hated by people near and far - your own family hates your guts! And for good reason.

Oh Bonnie.. Bonnie.. Bonnie. Always creating lies, aren't we? Bonnie, you would know all about having to mooch off other people, considering your mother Patricia Combs went to her grave a desperately poor woman because you, Bonnie Michelle Combs, refused to get a job and stop using your mother's credit card to purchase your hundreds upon thousands of unused and stolen domain names. (Each with a different personality to boot!)

 Gotta love the comment about "still using that domain name".. Bonnie, allow me to let you in on a little secret: normal, sane and rational (three words Bonnie has yet to learn the definition of) people tend to stick with one domain name, rather than use stolen credit cards and foodstamps to purchase a ton for each fictitious personality like Butthurt Bonnie Combs does.

It's alright, Bonnie. We get it. You have to create a new alias and domain name every single time one of your many victims publicly exposes you as the sick, demented and psychotic waste of space that you are. Always the victim, aren't we? Have you tried apologizing, removing your defamatory material and getting a life? Of course not. Heaven forbid Butthurt Bonnie Combs accepts responsibility for her shitty actions, owns up to her many mistakes and seeks mental help that she clearly needs.

Someone might want to remind uber-jealous batshit Bonnie Combs that most high school reunions don't occur until a graduate has reached their thirties or even their forties.

Oh wait... Bonnie would have to had actually attended and graduated high school to know that. Derp!

Keep it sleazy, butthurt Bonnie Combs. Don't let all of the anti-psychotic medication get to your head! The pills clearly aren't working anyway.


No worries, Bonnie. Please continue to supply everyone with plenty of amusement (there's nothing funnier than watching a batshit crazy walking, talking trainwreck afterall...) and supply your hundreds of victims with ample evidence for their upcoming court date against you.


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