Bonnie Combs - Exposed as "Chretienne Ouelette" and the owner of Daily Krystal once again!

July 11, 2014

It doesn't take much to expose Bonnie Combs as a fraud and a liar. Bonnie isn't very intelligent, and often exposes herself without even realizing it! Not too long ago we exposed Bonnie as being Chretienne Ouelette (and her 500 other personalities) and the owner of Daily Krystal. We're now able to do this again. Kudos to Bonnie for her blatant stupidity!

Here is a screenshot of Bonnie's log-in information for her newest e-mail account (, hate blog and alias:

Doesn't the s**********t@c**.net look familiar? I wonder why. It could be that it quickly translates to "", which is the oldest known e-mail address that Bonnie Combs uses for all of her aliases, including Chretienne Ouelette, Christine/Christina Armstrong, Jamie Vaughn and Pixie Maguire.

Bonnie Combs stupidity knows no bounds. Remember when we exposed her as being Crystal Larson, yet another one of her fake personalities that she used to maintain Daily Krystal? It's SO easy. We're not dealing with a smart, creative or sane person here folks. We're dealing with an inbred retard with an IQ of 30 who never leaves her childhood bedroom.


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