Bonnie Combs - Exposed as a liar and a psychopath for the 5000th time!

July 12, 2014

Before we get started, let us all lol at Bonnie Combs for trying so hard to pretend she has cancer that she would create a fake name to collect fraudulent donations online and collect barbie hair in a pathetic attempt to claim it as her own, even though the hair is blonde and Bonnie is a brunette.



I'm sure there's some people out in the internet world that are stupid enough to believe that Bonnie has cancer, but we'll find them every time and let them know the truth. Bonnie Combs does not have cancer. She never has. The only disease Bonnie has is diabetes, and that's because she's a fat, lazy loser who survives on coca cola, candy, and chips. 

Then there's this hilarious gem.

Bonnie registered another blog (she's registered about 300 blogs in Krystal's name. No life much?) to lust over Krystal Draper, a woman Bonnie has a huge e-boner for because Krystal is gorgeous, smart, funny and better than Bonnie could ever hope to be.

Bonnie posted yet another entry full of lies (lying is Bonnie's only hobby) about how the Tulsa police visited "Christina" at OSU - I thought it was Chretienne? Make up your mind Bonnie! You're so nuts, you can't even keep all of your fictitious personalities in check.


Anyway, we ALL know Bonnie does not work for Oklahoma State University. This has been proven countless times and we have more proof posted below. Christina, Jamie, Christine, Chretienne and all of Bonnie's other aliases do not work for OSU either.

Also, the police officer visited Bonnie Combs, NOT "Christina", and he visited her at her parents home where she lives at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The police officer spoke with Bonnie and Bonnie confirmed that she runs Daily Krystal, Comatised, and all the other blogs and that Bonnie and Chretienne/Christine/Christina/Jamie/Pixie are one and the same.

The police officer informed us that Bonnie Combs and her parents Patricia and Clinton Combs are extremely mentally ill and live in poverty and filth. He said that Bonnie is a "god damn yahoo" and his department has received hundreds of reports about Bonnie over the past ten years.


Next up.. Yet another lie from Bonnie Combs. It has been proven by several people who know Bonnie personally (Don't you feel terrible for those poor unfortunate souls?) that Bonnie has very little education. Nobody in Bonnie's immediate family has a high school diploma, let alone a college or university degree, and Bonnie is no different.


We did see Bonnie's or "Bonni's" newest fake facebook account and noticed she had added people from OSU. This is nothing more than her latest attempt to try and prove her bogus lies to the world. Unfortunately this only made things worse. Why? Because we spoke with literally everyone on her friends list and not a single person knows who Bonnie is, this includes people who really work at OSU and people who really attend OSU classes, including the nursing program.



Have you noticed that we have tons of proof to back up our claims and "Bonnie/Chretienne/Christine/Christina/Jamie/Pixie/Lady" has none? Bonnie has yet to provide solid proof that she is who she says she is. We've provided so much proof that she's nothing more than a pathetic liar. Bonnie Combs aka Lady Maguire is a cowardly loser who hides behind a computer screen and spews our more shit than her enormous ass does. That's all Bonnie has done with her life. She'll never be able to provide anyone with proof because her entire life is a lie. You can't prove what's not real.

So once again, Bonnie Combs aka Christine Armstrong, Christina Armstrong, Pixie Maguire, Chretienne Ouelette, Bonnie Danner, Jamie Vaughn, Lady Maguire, Bonni Combs Danner, Crystal Larson and so on and so forth, is a delusional psychopath and a compulsive liar who has contributed nothing to the world in her pathetic 34 years of life other than filth and cruelty. 

Bonnie Combs will never change and she will never stop because lying on the internet, making fake identities with fake lives, pretending to have a career and an education, and harassing and stalking beautiful people makes Bonnie briefly feel better about herself and the enraging jealousy that she suffers from.

Fortunately, we aim to put a stop to Bonnie's behaviour. The ball started rolling in February and it will all come to light very soon, perhaps even in August. But we'll let Bonnie sit and stew on that for a while.

Expect another insanely jealous blog entry full of psychobabble and bullshit on Daily Krystal soon. That's the only way Bonnie can deal with being a loser. And we can't wait to put that fat loser in prison where she belongs!

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