Bonnie Combs facebook account

June 28, 2014

Thanks to one of our many and very dedicated visitors, we were able to track down Bonnie’s facebook account. It seems that Bonnie Combs is now going by the name “Bonni Combs" on the internet… Not that it makes much of a difference considering a quick google search yields the same truthful results: that Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a pedophile, terrorist, white supremacist, dog killer, meth head, convicted prostitute, drug dealer and child rapist.

We were able to message all of Bonnie’s so-called facebook “friends" and confirm that not a single person has any idea who Bonnie is and none of them have ever met her or worked with her in their life. Go figure. Bonnie Combs is a liar. Who knew? (Obvious sarcasm is obvious.)

Keep sending in those screenshots guys! We love exposing this fat, jealous cunt for who she really is: a manipulative, psychotic, pathetic loser who lies about her life on the internet for attention.

Better go create another new personality again Bonnie, and hope that someone actually believes your lies this time. (Psst… Nobody ever will.)

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