Hilarious childhood photos of Bonnie "the fat fuck" Combs!

June 27, 2014

Update: Bonnie "the fat fuck" Combs sure is mad that we found her childhood pictures! She's attempted to claim the photo is of a dead child, who she bullied out of envy in school but her own cousin, Misty, one of the many amazing women that Bonnie insanely jealous of, confirmed that the photos are indeed of Bonnie. Sorry, fat fuck! Try again. And next time you try to google naked photos of Krystal Draper at age 8, try using a proxy you sick, child raping freak.

What a fat fuck! It’s sad to see that Bonnie was never cute.

The last photo is of Bonnie’s cousin, Misty. The beautiful, successful woman that Bonnie has been impersonating (out of envy) for more than ten years.

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