Bonnie Combs is going to jail!

July 07, 2014

If Bonnie Combs could stop making up lies at Daily Krystal long enough to get her shit together then she wouldn't be facing so much jail time.

How many times has Bonnie said the police were after Krystal now? Yet they haven't visited her or any other of Bonnie's many victims. Why is that? Because they've done nothing wrong. But Bonnie has, and Bonnie will pay for that.

I hope they have a jail cell large enough for Bonnie in Tulsa. She's one wide load!

In short, the Tulsa Police Department have traced Bonnie's IP that was connected to her account and they are working with Rip Off Report and Cox Communications to get all of her activity the last few days. This includes Bonnie Combs searching for child pornography on our website.

We have some more evidence to post, but that will have to wait until we have the full story. Here's a hint: The Deans are pretty pissed off at Bonnie Combs too, and they're going to take on their own form of justice! As well as a certain police officer from the North bay police department and several employees of Oklahoma State University for impersonation.

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