More Accounts, More Biographies Full of Lies, More Personalities

July 03, 2014

Another day, another dollar... or in Bonnie's case, another made-up life on the internet. Bitch has too much time on her hands! We'll give her one thing though, she has quite the imagination!

A few more of Bonnie's accounts, complete with delusional and psychotic biographies that nobody other than Bonnie is stupid enough to fall for:

Next up.. Apparently Bonnie is bisexual now? She is according to one of her 500,000 blogspot accounts! We all know that's another one of her silly lies. Fat bitch is so needy and desperate for attention that she'll go to any length to get it!

Bonnie Combs begging for friends on dreamwidth:

Another silly biography full of lies. Bonnie, nobody is falling for your shit. Give it up. Just stop the lies and go tend to, where you semi-post the truth about your pitiful existence!

Some of Bonnie's MANY fake dreamwidth accounts that she used to stalk Krystal (who is a super hot and awesome gal that Bonnie is totes jealous of) with several years ago:

Don't forget about her main dreamwidth accounts: Christina (Bonnie used this account to add Sara on, who in turn gave her password to one of Bonnie's victims so she could screenshot the lies, defamation and general psychotic behaviour. Screenshots to come soon!) and Bonnie.

Just some of Bonnie's MANY e-mail addresses and accounts. Seeing a trend here? 

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