More Victims

July 16, 2014

We've added several names to our victims page. It seems the list is continuously growing. What can you expect from Bonnie Combs - a woman who is so bitter and jealous that she'll dedicate her entire pathetic life to trying to destroy strangers.

Silly Bonnie. You could have spent the past 15 years getting your high school diploma, attending university and becoming the woman that you pretend to be on Comatised. Instead, you chose to waste 15 years of your life harassing, defaming and bullying people on the internet because you're jealous of them.

Bonnie Combs is a pathetic loser and a waste of air.

Chelsea Itson - Yet another one of Bonnie Combs MANY victims:

Sound familiar? Why is Bonnie Combs so obsessed with transvestites, child porn and beastiality? It's quite telling. Oh wait... That's right. Bonnie Combs from Tulsa, Oklahoma is a transvestite who molests children and rapes dogs. We almost forgot!

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