KARMA: Patricia Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma

July 16, 2014

Back in July 2014, Bonnie Combs posted on her dreamwidth that her FATHER was in the hospital dying.

According to the obituary, it was her mother.

What have we learned from this, kiddies?
1. Bonnie Combs is her legal name. Not "Chretienne Ouelette."
2. This is the most honest thing about Bonnie Combs real life ever published on the internet.
3. Bitch is inbred.
4. One fat waste of life down. Two to go.
Karma has a funny way of kicking people in the ass. Why is this Bonnie's karma, you ask? Because when Krystal was mourning the loss of her Grandfather (who played the father role in her life) and on her birthday no less, Bonnie posted this little gem:

Bonnie Combs is a fraud and a liar. Chretienne Ouelette doesn't exist. Bonnie has does not work for OSU or anywhere else. She's a pathetic piece of shit who lies for attention and tries to destroy strangers on the internet in effort to feel better about being a scumbag.
Bonnie's mother was a useless stain on society and her death is no big loss. Nobody will miss her and nobody cares if Bonnie is in mourning. In all likelihood, she isn't. Bonnie has no idea how to feel typical human feelings. Bonnie Combs is probably  mad that her meal ticket - Patricia Combs, can no longer support her lazy ass and was too poor to leave her any money.
This is karma and Bonnie very likely caused her mother's early death by being such a financial and emotional strain in her household, as well as physically abusing Patricia Combs whenever she had the chance.
Of course Bonnie Combs hasn't left her condolences via the internet. I'm surprised that she didn't say "Good bye cum guzzling slut, hope you choke on a chainsaw!"

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