Roxanna Charla "Rocky" Golden DeLozier and Rachel Lynn Orth

July 09, 2014

Back in October 2012, Bonnie Combs posted on her blog that SHE was in the hospital dying of cancer. According to the obituary, it was her so-called "friend" who died. What have we learned from this, kiddies?

1. Bonnie Combs is her legal name.

2. This is the most honest thing about Bonnie Combs real life ever published on the internet.

3. Bitch is inbred.

4. Bonnie Combs murdered Roxanna so she could steal her identity and live a lie on the internet.

Of course Bonnie Combs left her condolences via the internet. I'm surprised that she didn't say "Good bye cum guzzling nigger, hope you choke on a chainsaw!"

Let's no forget Rachel Orth. A woman Bonnie claims to have been friends with in school, yet Rachel's family denies that and said Bonnie, in fact, used to bully her.

Some things never change!

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