Stalk Harder

June 29, 2014

Looks like Bonnie Combs has been a busy little cyberstalker and story teller this weekend (What else would she do? She has no friends and the confirmed IP from both reports is - Bonnie Combs current IP address.)
You see, Bonnie, we have friends all over the web that are willing to tell on you, where as you have none. These people are also willing to testify to the police that you are impersonating them on the internet, and you, dumbfuck, used a place where you cannot edit or delete what you have put on there. So it will be there when Tom Milburn sees it come Monday.
One  Two and Three
That second one is going straight Tom Milburn, the detective who visited Bonnie Combs at her home at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, to let him know that Bonnie Combs is impersonating him on the web.
I'm sure impersonating a police officer is against the law, even in Tulsa. Or in the rare case that Bonnie Combs is telling the truth, and her lack of links, paper work, and legitimate proof will have intelligent people questioning the validity of her claims, then his sergeant, Williams, will be interested in knowing that Tom Milburn lied on record to an insane person, and "insane person" was Tom's words, not mine, about what was said at the "interview".
We're chuckling to ourselves, watching psychotic Bonnie Combs scrambling to create new lies in hopes that someone believes them - but nobody ever does. Fat bitch is terrified because ten of her victims will be in Tulsa again in August to sue her and have her put in prison.
Oh and Bonnie, you can quit it with the "Christine" "Chretienne" working at OSU thing. OSU has already confirmed you don't work there and they are pursuing charges against you for fraud. You should probably quit while you're behind, loser.
Also, Bonnie, Tom warned you to be careful who you defame or you will be looking at charges. You've now defamed a very talented person who has  a lot of money invested in her business - something you wouldn't understand because you've never held an actual dollar bill in your hand, only foodstamps - and this woman can easily sue you for hundreds of thousands of dollars that you don't have and will never have.
More lulz to come.

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