Tulsa police investigating Bonnie Combs for murder?!?!

July 23, 2014

Before we sink our teeth into the juicy news that was sent in today, I need some answers. Bonnie Combs thinks that she knows who I am, but she’s been shooting off locations like an orgasmic map. Where the hell is her credibility? She probably spit it out with that mouth full of detective jizz she spit out when she was arrested earlier this spring (LOL).

But why, oh why, is the only thing she wants to discuss with me is the weather? I understand that boring people and old people want to talk about the weather. I know, I know, Bonnie Combs looks about 80, has the body of an obese senior citizen and the mind of a mongoloid idiot, but the weather? C’mon! I’m younger than 90! I could care less what the weather is doing!

Of course Bonnie Combs blogs/Twitter/Facebook/Myspaces always consisted of her favorite conversation topics: Tulsa weather, stolen photos of mac makeup, child molesting, rat hoarding. Next thing you know, she’ll be asking me how my rat hoarding is going, to compare to her animal abuse and hoarding tendencies. snicker. Or that’s what she wrote about when she wasn’t failing at spreading rumors about good bloggers, prettier women than her, and more popular and sane. Can you make sense of it?

The funny was emailed to me earlier today. There’s a rumor sliding around lil’ ole’ Tulsa, Oklahoma that the police are investigating Bonnie for first degree murder, because apparently Bonnie actually killed her own mother.

How was the weather in Tulsa prison, Butthurt Bonnie Combs? LMFAO!!

Is it true? Very likely, YES! Do I care if it’s true? Nope.

It’s funny as hell and probably really is happening, so anyone wanting to be friends with her, remember what you're getting involved in - a child molesting, dog killing, rat eating, daddy fucking murderer! 

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