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August 05, 2014

First on the docket. Bonnie Combs is an idiot and misinterpreted when one of her many victims will be in Tulsa to begin working on her class action lawsuit against Bonnie:

Psst. Krystal clearly meant the weekend of the 8th:

Krystal posted the following to her personal twitter profile. I bet Bonnie will sweat off around 10lbs of cheeto's once she sees this!

Scared Bonnie? You should be.

Next up! Bonnie made herself yet another fake facebook account with which to stalk her many victims and blamed it's existence on Krystal, a woman she's insanely jealous of - as per usual.

Bonnie can't even keep up with her own accounts! So funny. We sent a message to this account and tracked the IP address of the person who replied to our message. And guess what? The IP address was: Which just so happens to be Butthurt Bonnie Combs IP address. Go figure!

The account has been in existence since at least early 2014. Further proof that it is actually yet another one of Bonnie Combs many online accounts. We doubt Krystal or any other of Bonnie's victims would have the time to make a bunch of fake accounts like Bonnie does to her victims.

We looked up some of Bonnie Combs facebook friends and guess what? They all have Chretienne Ouelette added as well. Small world!

Next up. Bonnie came across a dreamwidth account that someone made to expose her lies to the public. (The account is hilarious by the way!) And of course Butthurt Bonnie is totez angry.

Bonnie thinks Krystal made this account but we know she didn't. We know exactly who made this account and while her name does start with the leter K, her full name certainly isn't Krystal or Krystle or Kay or any other names that Bonnie has for this woman she desperately wishes she could be.

Once again, Bonnie is spewing nonsense about having friends who work for dreamwidth (this is a lie) and filing this with her local police department (yet another lie).

We can't stop laughing at the wild and insane accusations that Bonnie is constantly throwing around. It must suck to feel so pathetic and minuscule and mediocre that you have to make up a bunch of lies on the internet for attention. But such is the life of Bonnie Combs. It has always been this way and it will never change.

Bonnie might want to speak with her police about impending charges of filing a false police report. They are not too happy with her! But Bonnie was too busy spending yet another weekend in a mental hospital and failed to look into these things. Lulz!

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