Bonnie Combs Harasses Blogger Staff

August 10, 2014

Recently Bonnie took to harassing blogger staff after her hate blog received a disclaimer because she publicly posts psychobabble and lies related to incest, rape, child porn and animal killing - Bonnie's favorite subjects because Bonnie Combs fucks her father, rapes her dog, masturbates to child porn and killed her rats.

Too bad for Bonnie though... One of our bloggers works for blogspot and literally loled about the whole thing all while recording her IP address to give to the feds who have been watching Bonnie's online antics very closely.

And of course a ton of Bonnie's victims chimed in and let the public know the truth about Butthurt Bonnie Combs - That Bonnie is nothing more than a jealous loser with no life and a handful of mental illnesses.

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