Hilarious Screenshots Containing Lies and Psychobabble from Bonnie's Livejournal Accounts

August 12, 2014

Major kudos to KathyActionTruth @ Blogspot for these screenshots and for providing the valuable service of helping to expose Butthurt Bonnie Combs as the psychotic and pathetic liar that she truly is. Check out that blogspot for more great content. Warning: Your mind will possibly be blown by the insanity that is Bonnie Combs.

Bonnie blogged under the alias "Katherine Jade Mancini" as livejournal user "KathyAction" after stealing Katy Action's identity and domain names - comatised and toxicpink. It seems that Bonnie's only hobby of stealing, harassment, defamation, impersonation, compulsive lying and general psychotic behaviour has been ongoing since 1999, as we all previously thought.

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