How Bonnie Combs Really Is

August 23, 2014

It sure is cute how Bonnie Combs likes to pretend she was besties with Roxanne DeLozier and that Bonnie has been using Roxanne's death for her own financial gain. The truth? Roxanne hated Bonnie Combs. Roxanne was yet another one of Bonnie's victims. Bonnie tortured and tormented Roxanne for years. Bonnie wished death on Roxanne and now that Roxanne is dead, Bonnie is using Roxanne's death to her own advantage. If that doesn't prove what Bonnie Combs is really like, then we don't know what will.

Bonnie uses Roxanne's old website ApathysEcstasy to collect donations:

Roxanne's forum post from 2004 about what Bonnie did to her:

Bonnie's posts on Comatised about Roxanne. Seems they weren't the greatest of friends back then. Oh wait, that's right. They never were. Bonnie Combs is a sick, twisted, sadistic cunt from hell.


Bonnie's bogus entry about how sad she is that a woman she wished rape and death on is dead. It's all bullshit. Bonnie simply used this event to gain sympathy from people because Bonnie Combs is a psychotic fuck who thrives on that kind of sick shit.

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