Lulz and Stolen Photos

August 23, 2014

First and foremost, does anyone recognize any of the people in the below photos? Bonnie used all of these photos on her old website We know these photos don't belong to Bonnie and we know Bonnie doesn't know any of these people so your input would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise we'll have to assume that Bonnie is harvesting more photos of her victims and their children to send to child pornography websites like she did to people in the past. We will forward our findings to the Tulsa Police Department regardless.

I'm assuming Bonnie was pretending that this guy is her husband:

Bonnie claimed this little boy was dating her daughter. Bonnie doesn't have any children so it's clearly another stolen photo.

Bonnie used to pretend to be this woman when she ran frozen-stars back in 2002. It's obviously not the same girl that Bonnie pretends to be now. Recognize her?

Bonnie used to call this guy "Chris" and claimed he was yet another one of Bonnie's dead friends. What's his real name?

Screenshots of crimsonsparkle with Bonnie's stolen photos in the sidebar:

This is who Bonnie is currently pretending to be. We identified this woman as Misty Combs, Bonnie's cousin. Bonnie has also stolen all of Misty's photos and claims Misty's children as her own as well.

Bonnie Combs is such a big loser and her pathetic life revolves around the internet so much that she celebrates her blog of lies birthday:

Bonnie's bullshit biography from 2002:

Stolen photos of children on Comatised:

Bonnie blaming her problems on her "stalkers" as per usual. In fact, Bonnie doesn't have any stalkers. Bonnie Combs is the stalker. It sure is cute how to Bonnie, everything is always someone else's fault though. Stay psycho, cunt.

Bonnie Combs likes to lie and pretend that she was born in London, England when she's never even left Tulsa:

Bonnie said she was moving to Queens, New York with her fictional husband and children in 2010. What ever happened to that? Oh, that's right. That was just another one of Bonnie's psychotic lies. Bonnie has never left her childhood bedroom at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and she never will.

More lulz to come!

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  1. It's sad that Laura Michelle Smith and Kristin Norman are ignorant and blind and can't see the truth. Laura is too busy being jealous of Krystal to realize she let a pedophile who hoards photos of kids onto her facebook and Kristin is too busy being a psychotic cunt to get over herself and stop attacking someone who was a friend to her. No wonder these girls are so widely hated.

    1. Kristin is a horrendous person who pretends to be a feminazi to get friends, then backstabs them all and goes off on a psycho pregnant dog rampage online. We spoke with people who know her, and they hate her guys. Laura is a dropout with an ugly kid who pretends she's getting married, meanwhile her boyfriend cheats on her constantly. They're both psycho lulsers and perfect for Bonnie's clan.

  2. anyone have updates on kristin lynn yacup-norman