Moar Accounts, Moar Personalities, Moar Lies

August 04, 2014

It's common knowledge that Bonnie Combs has a lot of time on her hands. What with being an unemployed and uneducated grade six dropout who repeatedly indulges in an incestual relationship with her father Clinton Combs. It should come as no surprise that only Bonnie Combs from Tulsa, Oklahoma would have enough time on her hands to create hundreds, if not thousands, of fake accounts and personalities.

 Lance: One of Bonnie's many old personalities that she uses to argue with herself and her victims on the internet. Bonnie claims he works with her at Oklahoma State University - a claim that was proven to be a lie by the professors and students who contacted us and said that Bonnie/Chretienne/Jamie/Lance/Christine and so on has never attended or worked for OSU. Bonnie chose the last name "Danner" for Lance which is funny considering Bonnie tends to go by "Bonnie Danner" online quite often: Proof. What happened to "Dennis Ouelette" being her husband? Bonnie can't even keep up with her own lies!

Fakes: A dreamwidth community for exposing fakes and thieves. How funny is it that Bonnie Combs runs a community that exposes fakes? It's ironic considering Bonnie has been exposed and humiliated as a fake herself!

More fake journals that Bonnie uses to comment on her own entries because nobody cares about her or the lies she constantly tells:

Creations: A dreamwidth community for Bonnie to sell her stolen layouts and icons. How sad is it that nobody ever joined. I wonder why?

Bonnie's personal dreamwidth account registered under her real name:
How coincidental that Bonnie has Christine/Christina/Chretienne added as a friend?

Gotta love that Bonnie stole her dreamwidth layout from Krystal. Bonnie wants to be Krystal so badly.

Typical lies, psychobabble. This is nothing new in Bonnie's insane mind.

Bonnie's journal for her pseudo-personality "Christina" linked to Comatised and full of bogus stories - as per usual. That's Bonnie's forte!

CattyMatt: This is yet another one of Bonnie's many fictitious internet friends. Can anyone find out who the picture is really of? We'll assume it's one of Bonnie Combs' many rape victims until someone comes forward.

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