News, Evidence, and so forth..

August 20, 2014

Awesome news: Bonnie Combs Cyberbully has been revamped and renamed! Check it out:

What else? We've uploaded zip files of all of our evidence to various locations around the internet. Feel free to check them out below.
  • Bonnie Combs Fake Livejournal Account "KathyAction" (This is full of lulz, impersonation and general psychobabble.) Click Here.
  • A collaboration of all the blogger accounts Bonnie has created to defame people she's jealous of over the years. (More to come.) Click here.
  • All of our screenshots posted on our photobucket page. Click here.
Other than that, we've been busy preparing for upcoming university classes. Unlike Bonnie who simply pretends to attend college and work at a university when in reality she's sitting behind her cheap, old computer screen spewing lies because she's batshit crazy.

More to come!

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