Stolen Photos

August 14, 2014

Because we all know that Bonnie Combs has never ventured far from her computer, the internet and her hard drives full of child pornography and bestiality, we’re curious as to where her photographs on have come from.

Does anyone recognize the women and children in the photos on her site? If you do, please alert the owners to file DMCA notices on Bonnie Combs to her host,

We have already confirmed that many photos on her flickr account are of one of her victims ex-husbands and he has already filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department, Cyber Crimes Division.

If anyone can identify any of these photos, please do so here in the comments. You can remain anonymous. The Troll has been permanently banned, so there’s no reason to be afraid to leave comments here.

You can also email me at Put something in the subject bar so I’ll know you’re not spam.

.P.S. BonnieCombsCyberbully has finally been updated (for the first time since April) with some uber lulzy content. Check it out!

Some of Bonnie's stolen photos can be seen below:

This is the first photo we saw Bonnie using online. Bonnie claimed this woman was her circa 2001-2005 when she blogged at Frozen Stars. This clearly isn't the same woman Bonnie claims to be now.

Photos of random women on Bonnie's flickr page:

Another woman Bonnie is claiming to be on her flickr page. Clearly this is not the same woman as in the other photos that Bonnie uses.

Does anyone recognize this little boy? Bonnie is claiming him as her son. He clearly isn't, seeing as Bonnie has no children and lives with her father Clinton Combs.

These photos are of Bonnie's cousin Misty, whom Bonnie is insanely jealous of and has been impersonating on the internet for years at her various web pages. Fortunately Misty isn't as retarded as Bonnie and is currently pursuing legal action against Bonnie for fraud and impersonation.

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