August 16, 2014

Hello loyal readers,

As you can see, we now have our very own domain name! One of our fans purchased it for us and we truly appreciate it. Having a domain name will help our google results, although we're already in the first page but perhaps now we will be the very first result when you look-up Bonnie Combs, Chretienne Ouelette, Comatised.com, Krystole.net, Bonnie Combs fucks her Father, and so on.

Unlike Butthurt Bonnie Combs posting blatant lies about innocent victims over at Krystole.net, Toxicpink.net, and so on, we actually post the truth! We have no need to make up lies here. Bonnie is naturally a terrible person with no life and her actions over the past 14 years really show her true character and it is not pretty!

Bonnie's victims are all lovely, beautiful human beings who actually contribute to society. Because of this, and because she is so insanely jealous of them, Bonnie Combs has to make up lies and defame them on a regular basis.

How's that working out for ya, Bonnie? Enjoying your 5 hits a day that come straight from our blog to laugh at your? Looking forward to being sued and more than likely permanently incarcerated in a mental ward?

Bonnie is the only person retarded enough to believe that Katy, Megan, Krystal, Renee, Natasha, etc... are prostitutes, pedophiles, animal abusers, drug addicts, and so on. Actually, Bonnie's very few friends might believe it but they're all moronic and pathetic as she is so who cares? And we really mean it. Bonnie can count her friends on one hand and they're all on the internet. Pitiful.

How can you tell when Bonnie is lying? Because she never, ever provides proof to any of her wild and insane allegations. Bonnie has yet to provide proof to back up any of her claims, personal or otherwise. Bonnie cannot prove that she has any education whatsoever. Bonnie cannot prove that she is married with children. Bonnie cannot prove that she is dying of cancer and has been for the past 15 years. Bonnie cannot prove that she is anything she claims to be online because it's all a lie. Bonnie Combs entire life is a pathetic lie and it's insane to watch her carrying on, the only person delusional enough to think that anyone believes her. In reality we're all pointing and laughing because psychotic train wrecks are always amusing, forever wondering when Bonnie permanently lost touch of reality and who she really is.

What else? Bonnie cannot prove that Krystal steals photography or web designs. Bonnie cannot prove that Katy McGreevey is a cyberstalker. Bonnie cannot prove that Megan Lewis is a scam artist. Bonnie cannot prove that any of her victims ever threatened to hurt her. And do you know why? Because it never happened.

Bonnie Combs is a pathetic 34 year old child who still lives with her parents and supports herself via government handouts. Every single thing that Bonnie has ever posted about her 300+ victims is a lie and everybody knows it. That's why Bonnie is alone, in legal trouble, and being laughed at worldwide. That's why we have a private group where nearly 600 people discuss Bonnie's abuse. That's why the police are closing in on Bonnie. And that is why Bonnie is going to be out $50,000 soon, and possibly more.

The sad thing is that Bonnie could have spent the past 14 years bettering herself, getting her high school diploma and actually becoming the person she pretends to be on her manymany various domain names. But instead Bonnie chose to spend her life destroying other people because she's jealous of them and wishes she could be them. How pathetic.

We'll be waiting for Butthurt Bonnie's next bullshit story of how everyone is always out to get her, everyone is always cyberstalking and harassing her (Never the other way around. How strange that 500 people chose to target her. Obvious sarcasm is obvious.), how she's always the victim, how James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkins was her first boyfriend, how Robin Williams was her real father, how her cancer has come back, and how 5 more people in her life have died since she last posted to her 20+ blogs one day ago. Because, you know, there's people in the world who are stupid enough to believe her.


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  1. Can you tell me how I can report Bonnie Combs and her friend Laura Smith to the police department? They have both attacked me maliciously on twitter because I'm friends with Krystal. To be frank, they're insane and I'm sick of being stalked by these childish, jobless losers.

    1. You can report Bonnie to the Tulsa Police Department here: https://www.tulsapolice.org Be sure to mention that Bonnie Combs lives at 2337 w 47th street so they know where to go to arrest her. Although the Tulsa police already have a huge file on Bonnie from the past 20 years and probably know her address by heart because Bonnie has been arrested so many times.

      You can report Laura Michelle Smith to the Hamilton, Ontario police department here: http://www.hamiltonpolice.on.ca She lives at 29 Holly Avenue.