Bonnie Combs - Latest Psychobabble and Delusional Behaviour

September 26, 2014

Batshit Bonnie Combs was up until 5:37 AM last night obsessively downloading and masturbating to photos of Krystal while sending hatemail and death threats to a young woman named Charlene who lives in Ireland.

Entry #1:

"I never would have guessed it, but she visited this page under the guise of, a proxy that Krystal Draper is exclusive to use to stalk this site, in hopes that some day they’ll change the software so she can comment as her imaginary friends again. So much for her “wanting all this to end”. She’s stalking a real mother’s Tumblr to get tips for her current fake pregnancy. I wonder if she’s faking in real life too, you know, so that Shawn isn’t surprised when he finds out they’re engaged to be married."

Once again Butthurt Bonnie Combs is insanely jealous of Krystal Draper. She's incredibly obsessed with the idea that Krystal has the life she wish she could have. Krystal has a full-time career, an education, her own home and a soon to be husband and child.

We understand why this would enrage Bonnie since she has a grade four education, fucks her father for cheeto money and is loved by virtually no one and will never get married or have children.

In fact, Bonnie is so obsessed with children that she has actually threatened to kidnap and murder several children in the past. Bonnie Combs is a pedophile and a child molester so children are constantly on her mind. This is why her flickr album is full of stolen photos of random children.

We spoke with Krystal about this lulzy blog entry on our private facebook group and she informed us that she has not moved to a new city, although she wouldn't mind living in Ottawa, but she still lives in Hamilton. Once again Bonnie Combs is simply an inbred moron who has no idea how IP addresses actually work, or anything else for that matter.

Krystal also said that she is not pregnant and she doesn't use tumblr at all anymore, let alone to follow a pregnancy blog, but she has tweeted about suffering from nausea lately and that's probably why Butthurt Bonnie decided that she must be pregnant and decided to make up yet another lie on her jealous hateblog

What else? Krystal also informed us that Shawn read the entry about their apparent "fake engagement" while sitting next to her and laughed his ass off at Bonnie's dumb ass and said "Bonnie must be mad that nobody wants to marry her fat ass."


Entry #2:

"Personally, I like the touch that I’m going to be murdered and the killer will get away with it because they’re bipolar and not a US citizen. LMFAO. As if those things matter in a murder case. Of course I know this psychotic cunt isn’t going to do anything but sit at her keyboard and pluck out drivel that no one reads because her email address, as are all email addresses, automatically deleted as spam by WP.

Still, a threat is a threat, and in the morning I will be reporting it to the police. I know enough about this cunt to get the police at least interested in the fact that a website and an anonymous person means so much to her that she’s willing to make threats of death to them and get prison time.

But the anonymous proxy is a nice touch. Why not leave your name, Charlene? Ashamed of who you truly are, or are you ashamed of your words that you leave here? Ashamed that you’re the sole retard who defends Krystal Draper to the point that you’re so frustrated that you have to threaten lives (L sent me the messages that were passed back and fourth on Facebook)? One day you’re going to regret this. One day you’re going to look back and — you know what? No, you’re not. You’re too stupid and such a liar that you’ve finally found your kindred spirit. Another psycho liar on the internet. Hey, it’s better than having flesh and blood relationships!

Next on the docket? Bonnie Combs is a delusional psychopath who loves to accuse everyone else of being bipolar and insane even though she spends her days stalking people on the internet out of envy.

Not surprising but Bonnie also loves to lie and say that people have threatened to kill her despite having no proof to back any of these lies up. Bonnie first made this accusation nearly a year ago and still has provided the internet world with no proof. Why? Because Bonnie Combs is a compulsive liar and a paranoid schizophrenic. We, on the other hand, have plenty of proof that Bonnie has threatened to murder several of her victims.

First and foremost, we spoke with this "Charlene" individual. She has been banned from visiting for the past month because Bonnie can't handle how many people commented sticking up for her victims. Charlene provided us with plenty of proof that she has been unable to view Bonnie's jealousy blog and that she has no idea how to use a proxy, let alone send an email or comment via a proxy. Coincidentally, it's extremely difficult to leave a comment behind a proxy on a wordpress blog... but Bonnie would know all about that, right?

Thankfully this lovely young woman, who has become Bonnie Combs 507th victim, went to the police and this has now become a much more serious investigation. It's one thing to stalk and harass people in your own country but to branch out to other countries including Canada, Ireland, England and Japan is a whole other issue.

Soon Bonnie will hate her life more than she already does!

Continuing on...

The Tulsa police are interested in the fact that a website and several anonymous people on the internet mean so much to Bonnie that she's willing to spend 14 years stalking them while stealing photos of their children and threatening to murder them on the internet.

It seems that once again Bonnie Combs is terrified because the police are quickly closing in on her dumb, psychotic ass and as always Bonnie is ashamed of who she really is. That's why she has 50 different aliases to talk to each other with online.

There's nearly 400 of us on facebook supporting Krystal, Katy and Bonnie's other 500 victims by the way. And only one sole retard from Hamilton, Ontario supporting Bonnie. Go figure!

But alas, Bonnie Combs is too stupid and such a liar that she's finally found her kindred spirit. Another psycho liar on the internet. It's better than having flesh and blood relationships, right? The only relationship Bonnie has is with her dog, you know, the one that she abuses and posts videos of this on her youtube channel.

In closing, dear readers, keep an eye out for any websites the pop-up on blogspot about "Charlie Chuck", "Chuckalina" or "Charlene Osborne" because we all know Bonnie will rush to create another defamation blog (or two.. or fifty...) about her newest victim because, you know, that's kind of her MO.

Whatever keeps her from having to confront her own insecurities and mental illnesses, amirite?

See you soon, Bonnie!

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