Bonnie Combs - Multiple Personalities and Psychotic Behaviour

September 06, 2014

Bonnie Combs latest lies and psychobabble as seen on her website and twitter account. She's still pretending to be married with children. Bonnie sure does make being a deluded schizophrenic psychopath look easy, now doesn't she?

Bonnie actually being honest about her severe mental illness and pathetic ways for a change!

Proof that Bonnie Combs fucks blow up dolls.

More fake livejournal accounts and fake profiles that Bonnie used to talk to herself with from 2002-2007.

"Roxanna DeSlut" is actually a disgusting nickname for Roxanne DeLozier created by Bonnie Combs. Roxanne DeLozier is a woman who passed away from cancer several years ago. Bonnie now claims to have been best frandz with her. In reality, Roxanne was yet another one of Bonnie Combs many victims and Bonnie stole all of her domain names to beg for donations with and came up with the idea that she too is a cancer victim from Roxanne.

Yet another one of Bonnie Combs many delusional fantasies that she uses as her online biography. What a fucking loser!

Bonnie Combs being a lying twat once again. Didn't Bonnie claim to already own an iPad? It must suck to have to lie all the time in a pathetic (and failed) attempt to impress people on the internet who already despise you and think you're the biggest scumbag in the world anyway.

Gotta love Bonnie's constant mentioning of the Webb family - One of the biggest meth families in Oklahoma who are well known for their life of crime and time behind bars. Bonnie recently begged for donations on tumblr for one of the Webb family members who smoked so much meth that all of her teeth fell out. Lulsers.

More stolen photos. Recognize any of these people? Bonnie has claimed these photos were of her in the past on her many livejournal accounts.

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