Butthurt Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Psychopath

September 03, 2014

Batshit Bonnie Combs, the convicted Tulsa terrorist, has a longgg history of impersonating people she's jealous of and pretending to be someone she's not on the internet. Such is the life of a 34 year old schizophrenic loser who dropped out of school in grade six and lives off of her Daddy's foodstamps in the black mold ridden bedroom she grew up in.

We could list off many people Bonnie has impersonated, pretended to be or lied about being. Does the name "Kathy Action" ring a bell? But we really don't need to. We've made Bonnie's true character quite evident on this blog considering we have so much proof to back up all of our statements and Bonnie has none. Go figure!

Bonnie Combs is now pretending to be "Krystle Draper", a woman she's been jealous of and obsessed with for many years. Bonnie still doesn't know her legal name but who can blame Bonnie for wanting to be her? Krys is a rad chick and she has the life Bonnie wishes she could have so Bonnie has probably been using her photos and claiming to be her for a long time.

Our blog is among the top results in google when you search for "Bonnie Combs" , "Tulsa Terrorist", "Tulsa Pedophile", "Katy Action" and even "Krystole" and hundreds of people visit our blog daily with their own stories of abuse. This makes us happy because everyone in the world should be aware of the disgustingvile and pathetic piece of shit that is Bonnie Combs. Thanks to our viewers, hundreds upon thousands of people finally know the truth!

What else? Krystal had to file another police report against "Chretienne Ouelette" aka Bonnie Combs. Bonnie has posted Krystal's address publicly and encouraged men to come to her home and rape her. Bonnie has also been impersonating two police officers online - Malcolm Williams and Jason Long. And Bonnie recently made a forum post telling people that Krystal deserves to have her throat cut and die in a gruesome manner because she outted poor pathetic Bonnie Combs for being a compulsive liar, cyberstalker and a total loser in general. 

Clearly Butthurt Bonnie Combs is the perfect nickname and Bonnie still has so much to hide. How many more lies will we uncover before Bonnie is permanently locked away in prison? Hundreds? Thousands? Who knows! Because when you're Bonnie Combs and you've spent wasted 15 years of your life neglecting your anti-schizoid/anti-psychosis medication while pretending to be someone you're not online, you're bound to have more than a couple of skeletons in your closet. 

And we look forward to uncovering them all. <3

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