Random Lulz from Bonnie and her only friends

September 13, 2014

One of our many loyal readers sent us these screenshots and they sure are lulz-worthy!

"Chretienne Ouelette" aka Bonnie Combs, the convicted Tulsa pedophile, admits to stalking her victims and having a fake facebook account to harass them with.

This screenshot is hilarious because "Chretienne" aka Butthurt Bonnie can't even afford food let alone a car. She relies on her Daddy, Clinton Combs, whom she is in an incestual relationship with, to drive her to Wal Mart for cheetos and to her mental health classes at Sarah & John Graves Center. (Psst. The classes aren't helping! Just lock her fat ass up already!)

Kristin Norman, from Hazel Crest/Chicago, Illinois is a woman who used to kiss Krystal's ass hardcore. But much like Bonnie, Kristin is a pathetic loser with no real friends and she decided that she would rather befriend a child predator and deranged lunatic and help said child predator and deranged lunatic harass and threaten random women on the internet.

Krystal sent us some hilarious twitter messages from last year when Kristin was practically in love with her. Kristin would send Krystal random, psychotic messages about how beautiful she is, how much she hates immigrants and how Aaron Paul's wife is an "ugly whore."

Of course, Kristin Norman would know all about being a moron considering a celebrity had to file criminal harassment charges against her last year after she stalked and threatened to physically harm his significant other on twitter under the usernames "SoftBlackStars", "BlackTapeGrrl" and "PeachPlumpearr".

Kristin is well known for harassing young women on tumblr, wishing rape on random people and accusing random women of being sluts as well as spewing racist psychobabble on twitter and tumblr about how much she hates Native Americans and immigrants.

Bonnie Combs commenting to herself as per usual:

James doesn't exist. This is Bonnie's 500th personality that she concocted after being obsessed with James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins. Lulzer!

And more fake comments. It must suck to be as widely infamous and hated as Bonnie Combs is.

More lulz to come!

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