The Feds are coming for Butthurt Bonnie Combs

September 11, 2014

There's a funny little rumor floating around the interweb that Bonnie Combs from Tulsa, Oklahoma (also known as Chretienne Ouelette, Lady/Pixie Maguire, Crystal Larson, Lance Danner, Bonnie Danner, Kathy Action, Jamie Vaughn, Christine Armstrong, Jamie Betancourt, Christina Ouelette, and so on) has been arrested for distributing and harvesting child pornography as well as uttering threats of physical harm against certain government officials.

We can't say if this rumor is true or not. We've been unable to verify this information so far. Although we have noticed that many of Bonnie's hateblogs have been offline throughout most of the past few days. We wouldn't be surprised if it were true, considering Bonnie Combs loves to hoard nude photos of underage men, women, children and even animals.

It's also possible that Bonnie had to stop using her dead mother's credit cards to pay for her 500+ websites that are currently hosted at Dreamhost. An unemployed, uneducated and inbred family of three two can only use up so much credit before they have to start paying it back and of course neither Bonnie nor her father Clinton Combs, whom she is in an incestual relationship with have any money to pay the bills. They rely on government hand-outs to do that.

For now, we'll just assume that Bonnie Combs has been incarcerated in a mental health facility once again and unable to apply her foodstamps to her hosting bill. It's okay Bonnie. Nobody misses you, your lies or the jealous psychobabble that you spew on the internet about thousands of people on a regular basis. Feel free to never return!

Incidentally, we've been in contact with three more lovely ladies who have been targeted, victimized and tormented by Bonnie Combs. We had them contact Malcolm Williams with the Tulsa Police Department - Cyber Crimes Division. We encourage anyone reading this who has been harassed to do the same. You can even file a report online!

We've also received word on the nude photos and videos that Bonnie used to hand-out to people (Spencer P. in particular) under the alias of "Christine Armstrong" when she blogged bullshit at back in 2004. Of course the content wasn't of her. It's been 15 years since Bonnie used a real photo of herself. The content was of another woman Bonnie has been harassing who shall remain nameless for the time being.

One last lulz, Santa has been watching. It looks like Bonnie will be getting only coal in her stocking this year. Probably not such a bad thing considering she's about 300 lbs overweight already!

More lulz to come!

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