Adrian, Julie, and... David Berkowitz?

October 17, 2014

This post requires some backstory. First of all, Adrian. Adrian is... well, from what I can tell, he's a real person who, back in 2003, lived in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia who was just paranoid enough and just socially inept enough to be targeted online by people who wanted to toy with him. And when they did, he would absolutely fly off the handle. He had a LiveJournal under the username of dyinghappy, and would often post on other boards as zordrac or blissyu2. Here are two links to the rambling posts he made on in 2003: [Adrian Link 1] and [Adrian Link 2].

You'll notice from those links that Adrian makes repeated reference to someone named Julie Wilkinson, who runs (or ran, in the past) a site called All The Grrls Hate Her. This is the "atghh" that Adrian is instructing Bonnie to remove from her LJ friends list in the post above. If you Google around a bit, you'll see various people claiming that Julie is some sort of sinister stalker, that she's actually a man named Kevin Furlong trying to exact revenge on his supposed ex-wife, Erika, and that the police in various countries have joined forces to track her down and arrest her for some nebulous crime.

I don't know the full truth about Julie, but she's always come off as far more credible than Adrian ever has. Julie legitimately seemed to be an American military wife who came with her husband and two children to live in Alice Springs, probably because her husband was stationed at Pine Gap. Her descriptions of Alice Springs and its surroundings were accurate, and at least one post described a night out at Lasseter's Casino, a popular nightspot in town.

I'm not sure exactly how Julie managed to connect with Adrian, but from their posts at the time, it seems that Julie was looking online for possible real-life friends to meet up with after she arrived in Alice Springs. I believe the root of their conflict was that Julie mistakenly thought Adrian was female, while Adrian thought she knew he was male and was looking for a romantic and/or sexual relationship. How that got purple-monkey-dishwashered into claims of stalking and threats is unknown, but my best guess is that Adrian had something of a self-defeating persecution complex and Julie had a bit of a mean streak, and the combination just blew up from there.

As for how Bonnie fits into all this, I really don't know. It seems that Julie may have exploited a connection to Bonnie in order to gather information about Adrian, and vice versa.

Other things about this post: Bonnie refers to an LJ user named malificati, calling her a stalker. In Bonnie's world, you're either a friend or a stalker. Malificati was really just a normal, everyday LJ user who had little to no interest in Bonnie. It's likely she joined Bonnie's "anti-stalking" community dreamweevers (lol) just to get the inside scoop for LJ Drama.

Last but certainly not least: Bonnie mentions getting a letter from David. As you'll see in a future post, this isn't just any letter or any David. Nope, she's talking about David Berkowitz. Of course she is.

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