Bonnie Combs - Counselling Suicide

October 27, 2014

While the rest of the world was enjoying their weekend with friends and family, Bonnie Combs was sitting alone in her childhood bedroom at 5am obsessively refreshing Krystal Draper's twitter page and posting lies about her out of envy on Some things never change. Bonnie Combs having no life happens to be one of those things.

Bonnie has now decided that her victim does not live in Ottawa, but in Brantford... again. And Bonnie seems to think this victim was in Ottawa during an incredibly tragic event that rocked the entire nation.

Of course, Bonnie Combs is a terrorist and a psychopath and has no sense of compassion regarding such events. That's why she always has some sick and demented comment to make when such events occur.

Coincidentally, we received an email a few days ago from one of our insiders who has pertinent knowledge regarding terrorism and this person informed us that Bonnie Combs is currently under investigation by the FBI for threatening to murder President Obama.

Why would Bonnie threaten to murder Obama? Because he's black, of course. Bonnie only likes people who are overweight, lowlife losers like her. Anyone who is attractive, successful and genuine is terrible in Bonnie Combs feeble, childish mind because she's jealous and has no life, no friends and no one in her life who cares for her. Hence why Bonnie Combs is a 34 year old miserable and bitter hag who is constantly projecting her insecurities onto her many victims.

Bonnie's victim has forwarded this latest threat to Malcolm Williams of the Tulsa Police Department - Cyber Crimes Division. It's illegal to counsel suicide by the way. Bonnie Combs should already know this but considering she's a grade 7 drop-out with an IQ that is equivalent to a baked potato, it makes sense that she's totally clueless on so many of the basic facts of life.

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  1. My name is Laura Smith Hamilton. Emmanuel Hamilton is my fiance. I would like to apologize on behalf of Manny and myself. We have let all of this go too far. We have let ourselves become bitter and angry and this is the first post of many apologies to come:

    Krystal and Shawn are seemingly clean living people(For what we could possibly know about them). Any of the awful things we have said are untrue. I have never actually met these people, nor do I know much about her. Anything I have said is completely made up. Manny only knows us from Bobcaygeon High School. Manny was 2 years behind us and they were not from the same social group. Manny and I got together several years after he graduated, so I have no reason to claim to know this woman.

    Both Manny and I have some mental health issues and I can't promise that Manny won't continue to post things, but I would like to at least attempt to clear the board, so that people know this was all just a made up story. From here on out, any of the malicious things said are complete and utter lies. There may be some further comments from people who we are not affiliated with. None of which are to be trusted.

    If you would like to discuss any of this further, or to recieve a written apology, please phone me at (289) 396-6480.
    You can forward any messages to Manny here: