Bonnie Combs gets kicked off her host for the 25th time!

October 12, 2014

Isn't it cute how all of "Lady Maguire's" jealous hate blogs happen to go offline at the same time as Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Christine Christina Ouelette's personal blogs?

All 157 of Bonnie Combs stolen websites were offline yesterday for the following reasons:

#1. Bonnie Combs didn't pay her bill... AGAIN! It must be hard using your mother's credit cards when she's dead and there's no one around to pay the bill, isn't it Bonnie?
#2. Bonnie Combs host Logjamming is sick of receiving DMCA notices and being contacted by hundreds of Bonnie's victims on a regular basis. Did we mention the people who host her website also hate her? Yeah... they do.
#3. The FBI contacted Bonnie's host regarding child pornography being hosted on Bonnie Combs servers.

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