Bonnie Combs is Completely Out of Her Mind!

October 30, 2014

Bonnie's twitter account @stxr has been hi-larious lately! Bonnie has invented two new friends who exist entirely in her mushy little brain. Bonnie has continued with the lies and bullshit despite being publicly exposed! This is true insanity folks! If you look up schizophrenia, insanity, delusional, and so on in the dictionary, you'll find Bonnie's fat, rat-kissing face next to the definition.

Digging those $3 earrings from Claire's. Is that where you got your "wedding ring" too Bonnie? Hint: You'll have to spend at least $100 on a ring to make it look believable as a wedding ring. Cheap welfare rings will not work. Guess you're SOL, huh?

What else? There's some interesting developments regarding legal action against Bonnie. We can't say anything just yet but it will all come to light very, very soon. Bonnie might want to start deleting her websites and hard drives and perhaps hide out for a while!

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