Bonnie Combs is one Sick Fuck!

October 20, 2014

Two years ago Butthurt Bonnie Combs posted the following filth after Krystal's Grandfather passed away:

Of course the entire entry is bogus and full of lies as with every entry Bonnie has ever posted, both on and all of her other websites, but it goes to show the kind of person Bonnie really is.

I suppose Bonnie wouldn't understand why it's disgusting to post this kind of shit. Krystal's Grandfather was said to be a wonderful person who contributed great things to this world. Whereas Bonnie's mother, beached whale Patricia Combs from the Goonies, spent her life selling her loose vag for crack, molesting children and selling her foodstamps so she could afford her diabetes medication.

.P.S. Bonnie, Fatty Patty is totez burning in hell right now. We hear it smells like major sausage down there cause she was such a fat lard ass like you!

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