Bonnie Combs is STILL an insane and delusional liar!

October 14, 2014

Bonnie Combs is still an insane and delusional liar. She is still pretending to know someone named Billy. She doesn't. Billy doesn't exist. He's another one of her many ridiculous personalities.

It's funny how everyone else is always an abusive witch. Never Bonnie. Because Bonnie does no wrong. At least in her mind. Too bad hundreds of thousands of people around the world beg to differ.

News flash Bonnie: You're the abusive witch. You can't write. Your writing is awful. The lies you spew on your 500+ websites is a joke. It's cute how you're so aware that you're such a terrible person that you need to find ways to escape your pathetic life regularly.

The only talent you have is that your imagination is more in depth and mind blowing than that of a 5 year old. It's too bad you can't use your imagination to escape from the entire world permanently.

Here's some of Bonnie's "beautiful" photography skills. Look at that detail! Gotta love the white trash fence in the background. Oh, and Bonnie... I don't know if you've realized this yet or not but it's not your windshield. It's your father Clinton's windshield. He owns and drives the car. You're too big of a degenerate retard to even get your drivers license despite being 34. Lulz!

And of course, Bonnie Combs still spends all of her time laying in her moldy, dirty, twin sized bed from her childhood with her dog while surfing the internet for more hot babes to harass.

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