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October 20, 2014

Warning to all of Bonnie's victims who run their own businesses:

Bonnie has created several fake accounts on etsy to use her dead mother's stolen credit card to purchase products and services from her victims. After purchasing, she promptly posts a fake one star review complete with lies and defamation.

This is Bonnie's latest attempt to tarnish the reputation and damage the financial well being of her victims because she is insanely jealous of these lovely young women. Bonnie Combs is crazy with the thought that the women she so badly wishes she could be have a real life outside of the internet that includes friends, family, marriage, children and making an honest living.

Whereas Butthurt Bonnie Combs is a 34 year old grade four dropout who is in an incestual relationship with her father, has sexual relations with the family dog on a nightly basis, was convicted of prostitution, drug dealing and child molestation, has several hard drives full of child pornography, was reported to the police for threatening to kidnap and physically assault her victim's children, has never left her house let alone travelled out of state and has never earned any money in her life.

Bonnie's original victim K.M. warned us that this would happen. She informed us that Bonnie first did this to her on ebay in 2002. She forwarded us all of the documents proving this as well as police reports she filed against Bonnie and documents containing Bonnie's mugshot when she was arrested on fraud charges.

Bonnie's victims have disputed these false reviews and have reported them to Detective Williams with the Tulsa Police Department - Cyber Crimes Division. One victim in particular has filed fraud charges against Bonnie and will be in Tulsa on November 7th to serve Bonnie with court papers.

If/when Bonnie does this to you, document everything. Forward it to the Tulsa Police Department before doing anything else. Then contact us and we will provide you with the police report numbers and court case information so you can join us in our class action lawsuit against Bonnie.

Bonnie has a history of doing this to people. Bonnie cannot stand to see the people she's jealous of succeed in life. Why? Because Bonnie hasn't succeeded in doing anything. Bonnie is a terrible person with a bad case of envy who will go out of her way to tarnish the reputation and damage the financial well being of the people she wishes she could be.

Bonnie has done this to people since 1999. She will never stop until she's forced to stop. That is why this blog is here. That is why 48 people are involved in our class action lawsuit. That is why we have 26 email messages in our inbox from people Bonnie has burned and Tulsa citizens. That is why our private facebook group has nearly 500 members. That is why we're passed 500,000 views on our blog and 2000 followers.

Warn everyone you know. Don't let someone you care about become Bonnie's latest victim.

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