Conscience coupable

August 22, 2012

It takes so little to piss off someone with guilty conscience so much. Especially when you don’t name names.

I know there is a domain out there that was directly stolen from others. I found it pretty strange that the thief didn’t include this one in her “exposé” on her victims, but I secretly hoped it was because I had snuck one past her again. In reality it was because she registered the .pw of those domain, making her domain lame as shit, but when you’re ripping off someone else’s creativity, you look more like a fool than anything.

Of course because Bonnie Combs has ripped off thousands of people, those people are psycho and need to seek help. They're also fat. Wha..?

A size two is fat? These women need to see a psychologist because Bonnie Combs found their domain names pretty and wanted to steal them? (Comatised, Toxicpink, Stellar, and so on...)

To be fair, the entry Thief wasn’t about Bonnie Combs, but it certainly set her off. Why? Because she has a guilty conscience. She knows she’s a thief, she knows that she registered because she wanted to be just like me, and she felt that I was talking about her.

It’s apparent that Bonnie Combs has been monitoring thousands of domains to see if her victims post any photos of themselves, their children, or anything pretty that she can rip off or post on her exposé site. Bonnie Comb's favorite past time is stealing photos of children because she's a convicted child molester.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for these people, because they can certainly take on this bitch and Bonnie's got it coming big time. In the mean time we have banned both her IPs on every domain that we own. The police have been monitoring all 500 of Bonnie's personal blogs and hateblogs and will be arresting her soon.

At least Bonnie thinks we're pretty.

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