Hating You Should Be A New Law

February 07, 2013

First the bitch steals people's domain name. I remain neutral on the subject because it brought traffic here. Who registers .PW domains? White trash that can’t pay their bills properly. Fine. Bonnie made an ass out of herself on that site and it got shut down. Now she has a .com but can’t afford hosting for it because she’s about to be out on the streets with no money to even buy food. If she’s smart, she’ll sell her devices now while she can still access ebay.com and save that money towards getting a job.

Now her .com is filled with lies and stolen content. No credit to the people she ripped off. No original content. All lies and rip offs. Why have a website and fill it full of lies? Why bother with that? What’s the point in spending money on something you’re just going to be dishonest on? And don’t tell everyone that they're dishonest because tjey never really released their real name. Look at what Bonnie Combs has done when she just thinks she knows people's name. Writing on pathetic websites, impersonating them on Twitter, writing petitions to have them killed, writing posts on craigslist.org to get them raped. The police are well aware of this and Bonnie would be better off selling her stolen devices — when the police catch up with her, they are going to confiscate them.

All of that in attempt to get people she's jealous of off the internet. Sorry, cunt, try harder. Next time, really visit me. You’re a broke chickenshit and I’m not the first one to say that. People in Tulsa have been contacting us for years about you. People in Sand Springs and Baton Rouge are now contacting us about the same reasons because you pretend to live there. You’re disliked everywhere you go. People give you second chances and you fuck them over. Notice there are never any pictures of the real you with anyone you claim to know? Because nobody likes you. Everybody hates you.

The kick in the teeth is now Bonnie is ripping off her victim's colour schemes. The scheme that they put together for many hours in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. A colour scheme that they sat down and made for their journal, originally, then paid the $10 to have it made into a WordPress theme. Bitch jacked it up with her 2003 hover-highlighting, but it’s still a stolen colour scheme. She put it up on her .com within minutes of it being on her victim's .com, and within a few seconds of visiting their sites.

But Bonnie hates them.

Bonnie wants nothing to do with them.

That’s why she can’t stop visiting their blogs and writing about them, under the guise of another fictional character, might I add.

Bonnie Combs can’t even get her information straight. She thinks her victims first signed onto the internet in 1999? LOL. It was 2005-2007. Not everyone was white trash. Some of us had family who actually made something of their lives and had credit cards and decent computers. Before they were $200 used at pawn shops.

Ranting about this bitch is useless. Reporting Bonnie Combs to the Tulsa police has been fun. After all, Bonnie has filed a false report on all of her victims for disliking her, calling her out on her lies, making her lies permanent online, and making this dislike public. If that was a crime, all the world would be in jail.

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