So Many Lies... Exposed!

October 15, 2014

Bonnie's lying is nothing new. She's been lying for the past 20 years. We really enjoy exposing her as the bullshitting lunatic that she is. The real Bonnie Combs is a morbidly obese, inbred retard who dropped out of school in grade six.

Thankfully we're really fucking smart and able to uncover Bonnie's lies quickly, and we always provide proof, unlike Bonnie over at, Katytruth and her other 500+ hateblogs that she created out of sheer envy.

#1. Bonnie's flickr account profile where she claims to be from London, England (ROFL!!), claims to live in Sand Springs (Close... but no cigar. Crazy cunt lives in Tulsa. The hick capital of 'Murica!) Claims to be an assistant professor and chemist (We first exposed those lies about a year ago, no?)

She also claims to have won an award for a film she made. (Delusional fantasies much? Lulz!) Oh, and don't forget she's an RN by day (Lie #22), a writer by night (Lie #294) and a photographer on the weekends (Lie #7568298848499). Trololololololo!!!

.P.S. Her "personal pictures" are private because they're all stolen.

#2. Batshit Bonnie Combs is still stalking Leesha of Xsparkage.

#3. Bonnie Combs parents awful meth shack at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is literally falling apart. I guess food stamps can't fix rotting shitholes, much like mental disorders, eh Bonnie?

To see all of our evidence and all of Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Ouelette / Christine Kendall / Jamie Betancourt / Christina Ouelette / Christine Armstrong / Jamie Vaughn (and so on...) lies, check out our tags: Lies Exposed.

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