The Combs Family Crap Shack

October 25, 2014

The Combs family lives in the biggest, most decrepit and mold infested crap shack in all of Oklahoma. It's surprising the city hasn't come to condemn it yet!

Black mold covering the doorframe. How does that even happen?

Another view of the mold.

Filth covering the walls and floor.

Another view of the mold. This is Bonnie's childhood bedroom by the way.

As you can see, it's the exact same bedroom that Bonnie lived in 12 years ago when she blogged at and harassed Katy, Julie, and so on, on the internet, as well as stole all of their domain names. (,, and so on.)

Bonnie's daily view because she never leaves her bed, let alone her bedroom. Digging the water damage covering the walls. Real chic!

Lovely hoarders view. You'd think the pathetic losers inhabiting this shithole would be garbage enough without piling in the tackiest crap from the welfare aisle at the salvation army.

Gotta love the booger wall:

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