Victim #497: Natasha

October 04, 2014

About a month or two ago, we spoke with one of Bonnie's first victims and she told us something that is clearly true about Bonnie. Bonnie stalks, harasses and defames people she's jealous of. She targets people she wishes she could be. After harassing these people, she takes a part of their personality and applies it to her many fictitious lives that she has created on the internet, including on

One of Bonnie's many harassment blogs is She created this blog to harass lovely young women from the beauty blogging community. One woman, in particular was terrorized beyond belief and afterward Bonnie chose to steal this woman's pictures and claim them as her own, including photos of this woman's tattoo's.

You can see the stolen photos on Bonnie's public flickr account here.

Below is this woman's comment after finding out that Bonnie is still impersonating, stalking and harassing her on the internet. Not surprising that Bonnie hates yet another person she doesn't know.

Insecurity must be an awful thing...

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