Who is this "L" etard that Bonnie always refers to? Obvs either her or someone equally as moronic..

June 04, 2014

L" stands for Laura Michelle Smith / Laura Michelle Hamilton. Also known as Loralee Smith, Lola Smith, Lola Briggade, Brianne Austin, Elle Kingsley, Cobblestone Cloth, etc…

Yes, she is just as psychotic and moronic as Bonnie is, if not more. Basically, Laura is a super haggard tranny pothead with a bad case of meth mouth and acne (and a moustache and jay leno chin) who neglects her hideous down syndrome - esque child (who has a really epic fivehead) to scam people online and harass several young women on twitter.

She also likes to call people fat despite being quite fat herself before she was ever pregnant. She also likes to make fun of people’s husbands when her boyfriend looks like this and refuses to marry her. (Who can blame him?)

Did we mention she looks a lot like Michael Jackson / an actual rat?

More about Laura Smith Hamilton here:


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