Bonnie Combs Desperately Needs Mental Help

November 25, 2014

Whenever someone is looking for instant amusement, one only needs to visit Bonnie Combs twitter page. Her twitter account is full of lies and psychobabble and will never let you down! Here's Bonnie's latest psychotic lies:

This one is just disgusting. Although we do agree that Bonnie is not worthy of breathing our air and she should stop doing so immediately.

The psychotic rantings of a fat loser:

The Williams Center aka One Williams Center is the same building Krys visited last time she visited Tulsa. Of course Bonnie didn't actually go in. Notice Bonnie never drives the car she claims to own? Could be because Bonnie Combs is 34 years old, lives with her father and doesn't know how to drive a car.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to have a mother in law. As well as pretending to have ever visited the WTC, let alone NYC. Moar crazy lies from a retarded buffoon with no friends and no life.

Impossible. Bonnie Combs weighs nearly 500 lbs. We hear it takes a forklift just to get her fat ass out of her childhood bedroom that she rarely ever leaves.

More psychotic behaviour. Go figure that the only people stupid, retarded and naive enough to fall for Bonnie Combs bullshit is Kristin Norman - the infamous Chicago, Illinois racist and rape apologist and Laura M. Smith - the infamous Hamilton, Ontario meth user, child abuser and std ridden prostitute.

As always, we've saved the best for last! Here is Bonnie Combs describing herself and her victims:

Check back soon for moar lies and lulz!

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