Bonnie Combs: Mental Breakdown, Twitter Lies and Incestual Behaviour

November 07, 2014

Batshit Bonnie Combs has spent yet another weekend of her pitiful life making up lies on the internet and talking to herself on twitter.

As you can see, Bonnie Combs is still pretending to have cancer. And a husband. She does not have a husband or cancer as we have proven many times.

Creepy incestual tweets about her father Clinton Combs, whom Bonnie Combs has been in an incestual relationship with since she was six years old. Hence why Bonnie hoards photos of random children. Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a child molester.

More psychobabble.

Still talking about Chloe. Chloe exists but not in the sense that Bonnie thinks she does. Chloe is Misty Combs daughter and she's twelve years old. She is not Bonnie's daughter. Bonnie Combs is a psychotic child rapist with no children.

Of course Bonnie has already deleted most of these tweets. She tends to do that when she exposes herself or goes completely psychotic on twitter.

Bonnie Combs pretending that anyone who follows her on twitter actually knows her. We've spoke with everyone on her list and none of them have any idea who she is and they all think she's a psychotic loser and a total moron.

I guess it wouldn't be typical Bonnie fashion without making up a bunch of lies, now would it?

And here's the biggest bombshell of all:

Here Bonnie Combs posts about how she, along with Laura M. Smith / Cobblestone Cloth of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is going to murder her victims. She also admits that her and Laura are involved in some sort of creepy child pornography ring. We've sent this screenshot off to Hamilton CAS and the Tulsa Police Department.

More to come!

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