How Bonnie Combs Spends Her Weekend

November 08, 2014

While normal people who contribute to society via a career, friends and family spent their weekend having a life outside of the internet, Batshit Bonnie Combs the convicted Tulsa Pedophile spent her weekend making up lies about Krystal Draper and Kim Rhodes - two people Bonnie is insanely jealous of.

Bonnie ran her fat moronic mouth about how these two lovely women spent their Friday night tweeting (something that can be done via cell phone from any location) even though Bonnie spent her Friday night obsessively refreshing their social media profiles, harassing them and posting more envious psychobabble on one of her many hundred childish hate blogs

Bonnie also spent her Friday night threatening to murder Kim Rhodes and threatened to kidnap then sell Kim's son to Tulsa drug dealer - Clint Combs Jr - aka her own flesh and blood brother (the same brother Bonnie claimed to be in an incestual relationship with in 2005 on her old blog - Clint Combs Jr was arrested in 2008 for manufacturing and distributing Methamphetamine.

Kim Rhodes is a very real person who like hundreds of other people, happens to hate Bonnie Combs. Bonnie, being a high school drop out and having the IQ of a naked potato, seems to think this is the same Kim as a woman Bonnie claims to be friends with. She's not. However, the Kim that Bonnie is referring to just so happens to share the general opinion that Bonnie Combs is a batshit crazy retard who lies for a living. Kim also claims to follow Bonnie on twitter for the lulz and nothing else. What else? Kim and Krystal apologized to one another and went their separate ways over a year ago.

Apologizing for behaving like children and moving on is something normal grown adults are capable of doing. Bonnie Combs wouldn't understand this because she's a schizophrenic lunatic who needs to be permanently incarcerated in a mental hospital before she seriously hurts anybody else. The same can be said for Bonnie Combs only friend - Laura M. Smith - a deranged psychopath, drug addict and child abuser who is as much of a liar as Bonnie and beyond pathetic.

The Tulsa Police Department have already been notified that Bonnie Combs is still impersonating, harassing, stalking and threatening people she was arrested for threatening to kill last month and in March. Bonnie Combs must love that prison sex! I guess she'll take what she can get after spending the past 29 years having sex with her father - Clinton Combs, a man who was arrested in 2003 ago for having child pornography on his computer.

Rumour has it Bonnie Combs is behaving like an unhinged sociopath once again because she's caught wind of what's to come and she's terrified that she will soon be publicly exposed to millions of people and held responsible for her envious, psychotic actions in a court of law. Or it could be that Bonnie Combs, the biggest coward and loser in the entire world, is petrified at the idea of having the sit in front of her hundreds of thousands of victims and explain her actions.

We can't wait to see Bonnie exposed as the compulsive liar and delusional psychopath that she really is. It's going to be HI-larious watching Bonnie Combs, a 34 year old woman with a grade 2 education who has never had a job, still lives with her parents, and has been lying about her life on the internet for the past 15 years, try to explain her actions and play the victim when being publicly humiliated. It will almost make her years of abuse worth it. Stay tuned!

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