Latest Twitter Lulz and Lies

November 28, 2014

Bonnie Combs has made it quite evident that she has no life and too much time on her hands - One must only take a quick peek at her loony twitter of lies @stxr to see how true this statement really is.

Bonnie has spent the past week tweeting lies, pretending to have cancer and obsessing over a woman named Krystal - Bonnie's latest obsession and who can blame her? Krys is pretty wicked.

Unfortunately for Bonnie, the only people stupid enough to buy into her bullshit is loony Laura Smith - the infamous Hamilton, Ontario child abuser and krazy Kristin Norman - a woman who nearly went to prison after threatening to kill Aaron Paul's wife, Lauren Parsekian.

I guess Bonnie will have to go back to registering another 100 domain names using her foodstamps and stolen credit cards, and hope to find more naive losers to befriend and scam out of money! Might not happen though.. Bonnie has become a household name lately. ;)

Of course, anyone with a little common sense can read Bonnie's tweets and tell that she's totally out of her mind and making shit up. What's that say about Bonnie's only friends? That they're more retarded and useless than Bonnie is? Perhaps.

If Bonnie has been harassing you, as she has millions of other people since 1999, report it to Detective Williams with the Tulsa Police Department. He's been keeping a close eye on Bonnie's twitter drama and website lies. She'll be charged with fraud again soon enough!

Oh, and lastly... for the lulz:

Someone might want to tell rat faced Laura M. Smith to get off her fat ass and stop harassing hot chicks on twitter - and do some housework, put the laundry away and pick her child Sawyer Smith off that filthy couch. He looks very uncomfortable.

Laura M. Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton are obviously child abusers.

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